Zero Waste Stationery Kit

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Ever stopped and thought about what you're using to write your notes, colour your mindful books, or what you're taking notes in? Usually, the pens we use are single-use plastics, the pencils we use are not sustainable and the books we write in are not made sustainably!

With our stationary kit, transition to:
  • Seed Paper Pens - hand rolled using recycled paper by local community of artisans. Not only are you tackling 99% of the plastic waste generated by a single pen, you're also ready to grow a few plants and herbs of your own!
  • Black seed pencils - Pencils hand rolled using newspaper making it way more sustainable - and support local communities while you're at it!
  • Our Bare Planner - A Fresh Start - Our planner, made keeping sustainability in mind through materials and the concepts within, is perfect to bring your stationary kit together! Journaling can help us all become better for ourselves and those around us!
We don't think how wasteful our stationary can be, but when you do, we got you covered!