Pack of 4 Spa Bars

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    It can be difficult to make choices and also constantly ordering 1 at a time, contributing to your carbon footprint. For this reason, we bring you the nature’s pack of spa bars, to make it easy and environmentally-friendly for you to try our favourite bars:

    • The Herbalist
    • Annatto’s Anecdote
    • Cinnamon Trails with a Twist
    • And It was All Yellow
    P.S. This nature’s pack of spa bars, along with zero waste packaging also makes for a perfect gift!

    Ingredients: Please click on each spa bar to get more information

    Size: 75 g / spa bar

    Shelf life: Use within 48 months of manufacture. Store in a cool, dry place
  • Just like a normal spa bar, but environmentally, skin and body friendly!
  • End of Life

  • Once done, you can compost the packaging of the spa bar!