Manisha Advani (Dubai, UAE)

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Manisha is a personal trainer and health coach based in Dubai specialising in crossfit, weight training, body toning, calisthenics and weight management.

Her approach is very personalised and straight forward. She advises her clients to work towards a long term goal in a natural and holistic manner. Continuous follow ups and a 360 degree approach towards food and lifestyle in terms of how you can balance your calories and not starve. The personal meal plans she designs focus on increasing fibre and protein to give optimal energy throughout the day.

Working out and being active is extremely important to her and she creates workouts to not only burn calories but also to make working out more enjoyable. With movements from calisthenics and crossfit, think functional training and lots of core work to showcase a toned and well rounded physique.

Manisha speaks English, French and Hindi.

Manisha will contact you to schedule an online video appointment after you have booked a session. If you are based in Dubai you can meet her in person.