Ipsita Nayak (New Delhi, India)

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Ipsita is a Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher trained at the Isha Yoga Centre, located at the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains in Coimbatore - Tamil Nadu, India. She currently lives in New Delhi.

She has undergone more than 1,750 hrs of training that is conducted in-person over a rigorous 21-week period. This training has been carefully designed by Sadhguru - a living master, mystic and yogi of our times, with the intention of reviving Hatha Yoga in its absolute purity.

Yoga came into Ipsita’s life in 2017 as she found herself struggling through a difficult phase. In search for solutions, she ended up finding her true calling - to bring the possibility of true transformation through yoga to others the same way it did for her.

Ipsita has taught people of varied age groups and has even had the honour of teaching the officers & personnels of the Indian Air Force!

The essence of Isha Classical Hatha Yoga lies in learning yoga in the physical presence of a teacher who has been trained & initiated by a spiritual master. In the classical form, yoga is seen as more of a transmission than a teaching, the latter being more a physical teaching and former (transmission) being more of a spiritual possibility. And thus many of the core practices she teaches are available exclusively offline.

With that in mind, Ipsita has curated simple but effective practices that are completely safe to learn online by anyone above the age of 6. While these practices are seemingly simple, they have proven to be a tremendous stepping stone for millions of people across the world towards better health & to dive deeper into spirituality with the necessary understanding & stability.

The practices she teaches online are a mix of basic movement to activate the joints & energy nodes of the body & an ancient practice to strengthen the spine. Apart from these there will be kriyas (inner energy processes), pranayama (breathwork), and meditations - offering a holistic approach to yoga that’s beyond the physical perception of yoga.

The 14-Day module in particular will include many insightful sessions that are not just practice oriented but are also designed to help participants deepen their understanding of many aspects of life, yoga & spirituality.

Benefits of the practices:

- Relieve physical stress & tiredness
- Strengthen the body after periods of inactivity
- Dispel inertia & feel more alert & alive
- Strengthen the spine
- Stabilise the body, mind & energy
- Build better immunity
- Enhance lung capacity
- Bring peace & wellbeing
- Feel focused & rejuvenated

What you can expect out of these sessions:

- Learn slowly, in a step-by-step approach to ensure maximum memory retention
- Receive corrections & modifications every step of the way
- Receive your own yoga schedule for practice so you don’t have to depend on the teacher post program
- Post-class support available for any questions or doubts
- Get personalised recommendations for core Isha Hatha Yoga practices best suited for you
- Get access to a Isha-certified teacher closest to you, if you wish to learn further

Ipsita offers coaching in English and Hindi. 

Book a plan and schedule time with her.