Desert Dry Shampoo

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    Let’s face it. As much as we’d like to lather-rinse-repeat every time our hairs gets grimy, we don’t always have the time. Which is why, this no-shampoo, shampoo is a lifesaver! Whether you’re running for an all-important work meeting straight after yoga or are just feeling lazy (hey, we all have our days), this dry shampoo will save you some precious minutes. All-natural and aerosol-free, it’s the perfect way to remove oil and dirt that camouflages well with hair. I’ll take a shampoo to-go, please!

    Ingredients: Organic cocoa powder and cornstarch

    Shelf Life: Use within 24 months of manufacturing. Store in a cool, dry place.

    Size: 45 g


    How to Use

      • Sprinkle onto your oily hair with a powder brush or dab in with dry fingers, focusing on the roots. Massage it in and comb through. Voila! You’re all set

    End of Life

    • Once done, there are many ways to ensure the jar doesn’t go waste
      • Reuse the glass jar for other household items or DIY ideas
      • Repurpose the glass jar as beautiful vases or household item storage
      • Refill more Bare goodies using our refill stations or returning the jars to us
      • Return the glass jars to Bare Necessities for further discounts and generate less waste!
      • Recycle the glass jar at your nearest dry waste centers