Bare's Planner [Undated] - A Fresh Start

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  • Why get our fresh start planner?


    Our undated hardcover planner is carefully designed by keeping in mind sustainability and mindfulness at it’s core. It’s for anyone ready to take on life and chase those goals! This planner is sure to help you make small steps each day to reach your goals and dreams and live a life filled with purpose & mindfulness!

    Dimensions: Height - 22cm, Width - 16cm

  • What's Inside?

    • Sustainability Tips
    • Motivational quotes
    • Habit tracker
    • Monthly Planner
    • Weekly Planner
    • Recipes
    • Dedicated space to manifest your dreams and ideas Prompts to reflect with gratitude
  • Why get our fresh start planner?

  • We understand it’s been unprecedented times with the pandemic, the hustle is real, and we appreciate that you are trying to be the best version of yourself everyday despite everything around us! This is a dedicated space for you, for self discovery, for goal and intention setting! Here we focus on building good habits that builds the building blocks of sustainability, mindfulness and beyond.

How to use the planner? 

Check out the video here or in our media library on the left, on how to use the planner!