Herb Dyed Organic Cotton Reversible Dress (Lac)

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The desire to give birth to a dress that is unique led team Bageeya to create the idea of a reversible Kimono dress. The material hunt leads us to the vibrant land of Gujarat (India) where the long lost fabric of kala cotton was recently revived. The yarns are meticulously woven by the experienced hands of the artisans. When the fabric lands in the pious land of Bageeya, it is further decorated and nourished with flowers and herbs.  The fabric is protected from any chemical exposure hence retaining its purity and originality. Bageeya then adds a fabric called Bagh (natural block print fabric) making a freestyle reversible kimono dress that comes with a Kantha belt embroidered in West Bengal.

Product Description

Fabric: Organic Cotton (GOTS certified Kala cotton from Bhujodi, India)

Technique: Contemporary Natural Dye

Dyes: Lac 

Color: Black and Onion Pink

Inner Fabric: Cotton

Technique: Bagh Block Print (Natural Dye)

Trims: Kantha Pockets and Belt

Size: Freestyle

Length: 40” Short / 47-48” Long

Brand Story

Bageeya is a conscious and sustainable brand that thrives on a vision to beautify and nurture us without harming our mother Earth. We have put our diligent efforts to come up with organic, versatile, finely tailored, eco-dyed and eco-printed garments which have the capability to redefine the word "Fashion". A conscious effort has been poured to come up with patterns and designs which would allow us the freedom of movement and spark the flame of self-acceptance. Working on this philosophy most of our designs are made in a free size and uplift the beauty of varied body types helping us to gracefully accept our individuality. The garments of Bageeya not only beautify our body but nourish and protect our skin.


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As Bageeya works with natural dyes, the outcome might differ with 15-20% difference for all tie and dye garments. In case of reversible garment we will try to keep the colour and craft story same. All accessories which are made from up-cycled fabric, we will keep the colour story and herbal dyes same where possible.