We Have Been Misled By Skincare Brands We Trust

When it comes to skincare and beauty, trust is the most important factor. But there is one truth that is often overlooked in the mainstream beauty industry: the importance of truly ‘clean’ beauty. Even some clean beauty brands have been misleading us with their claims of being all-natural as under the hood it’s a lot of lies. While there has been a lot of talk in the last few years, when it comes to actual real-world change, we still have a long way to go.

We are throwing some light on harmful ingredients which are still being used by commonly available brands.

Aluminium & Triclosan

For years the scientific community has tried to draw attention to the harmful effects of Aluminium that is pervasive in products around us. A key product we use everyday which contains aluminium is antiperspirants from popular brands. The evidence clearly points to Aluminium being neurotoxic and it may even lead to Alzheimer’s. Some deodorants also contain the harmful chemical Triclosan, an antibacterial agent which is known to disrupt hormones. Natural alternatives are easily available now and due to the potential for harm we would recommend switching to Magnesium based deodorants.

We recommend Zero Yet 100 natural deodorants made with Magnesium. 

Zero Yet 100 Magnesium Deodorants

Mineral Oil & Phenoxyethanol

Mineral oil is one of the trickiest and the most common ingredients in the beauty industry and can be found in everything from lotions to makeup. It is a waste product derived from petroleum and can potentially disrupt hormones and even cause cancer. Phenoxyethanol is another commonly used preservative which has replaced parabens in skincare products and has not been approved by ECOCERT, the organic certification body in Europe. Phenoxyethanol is an irritant and according to some studies can have adverse effects on the brain. 

Instead, we recommend moisturisers made with natural oils and no preservatives such as Kimsukadi Glow Boosting Facial Oil.

Just Herbs Facial Oil

Sulphates and Parabens in Ayurvedic or All-Natural Brands

SLS (Sodium Laureth sulfate) and Parabens are found in some of the most common products we use: shampoo, face wash and body wash. Sulphates are known to irritate not only eyes and skin but also lungs and mouth. If you have sensitive skin, then SLS can cause your pores to clog and cause acne. Parabens, a widely used preservative in skincare and even food, can disrupt the reproductive hormones and even reduce testosterone levels. Some commonly available Ayurvedic brands, which are supposed to be all-natural and non-toxic, have been found to contain SLS and parabens as they don’t disclose the ingredients list and just say base (Q.S.) instead.

We recommend switching to Fortifying Hair Pack - Oily Scalp or Fortifying Hair Pack - Dry Scalp and zero waste bathing bars

Trnatva Hair Pack Shampoo

Synthetic Colours in Makeup

Synthetic colours are derived from petroleum or coal tar and makeup pigments are made from synthetic colours, such as pigmented lipsticks and eyeshadows. In fact, the heavier the pigments, the higher the risk of increased levels of coal tar in your products, which can cause skin irritations, cancer and acne breakouts.

Instead, we recommend a makeup free look with Rosy Lip Balm or natural make up from Dromen & Co

Trnatva Rosy Lip Balm


We want you to not only look and feel good but also be healthy! So next time you are making a purchase, be sure to check the ingredients and question the brands which don’t disclose the full ingredients list. 

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