Every time I step out for a walk in this lockdown period, I think to myself - life must have been like this a few hundred years ago. Cleaner surroundings, less air pollution and almost no noise pollution, more space to walk freely around and most importantly more sacred nature. Yes, there was also a downside to this, but then, don’t we have so many now? As humans we always almost forget to respect and be grateful for all the blessings we have, by constantly turning them into tall buildings, cutting down trees and choosing short cuts.

Being a frequent traveller, I always keep in mind to support sustainable living. Personally I try to follow a few simple steps to save our planet so that we all can enjoy its wonders by causing less harm. As we are trying to create settlements on Mars, should we not first focus on what we have?

Maldives Eco sustainable travel bogger

Carry our own Water Bottle. Rejecting plastic bottles helps to reduce plastic waste and any hotel will help you refill your bottle. 90% of bottles are not recycled, causing landfills and polluting our oceans, which results in higher risks for everyone not just sea animals.

Shop only if you need to and reject any plastic bags. The best way to do this is carry your own cloth tote bags. Practice a more minimal life, and yes it is harder said than done, but as you de-clutter you will realise your stress minimises too!

Reduce carbon footprint by taking a direct flight, explore the place by using public transport and walk more to burn that holiday weight or hire a bicycle. Trust me it’s fun to explore this way and you will learn more about the people and their culture! I know a lot of us don’t want to ditch the cars with air conditioning, but then wouldn't it be more fun if we were a little flexible? Travel is all about learning, adapting and still being humble about what we have!

Choose a hotel/resort that supports and encourages sustainable living. Some hotels recycle their waste food and water, and are eco friendly. And yes there are hotels which run fully on green energy! And they are excellent and don't need you to compromise on your holiday leisure either. 

Six Senses in Koh Samui, Thailand is one of those eco friendly resorts, which recycles their own water, grows organic food, only provides glass bottles for you to carry around, and even refills them for you. 

Six Senses Koh Samui Eco Travel Blogger Kadambari

Another place which is fully organic and eco friendly is actually an island in Philippines - Bamboo Island. As the name explains itself, everything is built from bamboo, but it’s equally beautiful. They do not have any air conditioners, so much so that the whole island's power was cut when we started our hair dryer! They serve you fresh food and only provide what you need to not waste anything. I have never seen a cleaner and more pristine island than this one in my life!

Eco friendly retreat Bamboo Island Philippines  

Next time you book your holiday, keep these tips in mind and let’s contribute a little from our behalf. The best way to live a longer life is by being mindful. :)

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I am Kadambari Bhatte, a die hard nature lover, a corporate lawyer turned into an entrepreneur to follow my passion of traveling, event management and writing full time! I have been exploring new places for over a decade now, someone who loves to meet new people, learn new cultures and spread awareness on living the good life that respects our beautiful mother Earth. Connect with me on Instagram @curlytravelmess or read my blog here

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