Birth of an Idea

Never could have imagined that waking up everyday at 4 AM and just meditating silently for 9 days could change one's perspective on life. But it happened to me last summer when I was at a crossroads in search for a new direction. It also makes your skin look younger by at least 5 years!

Last summer, I finally decided to gather all the courage to go for a 10 day silent Vipassana retreat in Mumbai, India. It was unlike any experience I have had before. You are expected to give up all your worldly possessions for 9 days and stay out of touch with everything your senses have become used to. It is like being on a stage show with only a couple of rooms on set and no props. To break your routine, you have the option to walk in a beautiful garden or sit in an isolated cell by yourself just focusing on your inner self. Surprisingly it does work!

Vipassana is 'seeing' the reality as it is without judgement. The breathing and meditation technique is so simple that it doesn't make sense at first but after a few days something changes and you start to piece together broken pieces. What has happened and what will happen doesn't affect your mind in the present. Our experiences, thoughts and emotions are impermanent or anichya and in a state of constant change. This is a truth you start to experience first hand. Just being in the moment without any expectation can be liberating was startling at first but a sense of peace prevails after the realisation sinks in. Thoughts are only floating in our mind and they don't have any power over us until we let them take over. Forgiveness can be a powerful healing force. 

Being away from the noise, you start to see the beauty and the flaws of this strange world. The pace of life we have become used to is maddening but what's really our purpose? Can we continue to live the way we have by accelerating our consumption unconsciously? Is it really sustainable for 7 billion people to live like this? Are we really happy? If the current pace is not sustainable then is there a model which can work in the next decade?

I believe given the times we live in, it will make us pause and rethink our choices and we will accelerate towards a more mindful lifestyle. More pills is not the solution we deserve for the stress of the city life. We need to build more products and services which are in harmony with the elements of Nature. We all need to think about what that means for our local communities.

How do we build a slightly better world to make a real difference? The idea of Soul Earth was born to answer this question. We can't solve this problem in one part of the world all alone by ourselves. We need to build a tribe of change-makers in every part of the planet. We need to make it easier to live a healthy and fulfilling life filled with purpose and happiness. We need to support our communities and the cause of emerging brands who are creating a social impact. We need a consciousness movement which makes us think about the choices we make every day. Only then can we create a real difference. We hope you will support us in this cause

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